Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wrapped Up

Last week it was freezing. Tights under jeans, thermals, wooly hat and a million layers kinda freezing. It's fair to say Casey and I ended up doing a bit of hibernating. It started snowing whilst taking that one picture outside, and I was like - OK, I'M DONE, I NEED A BURRITO. 
After waiting two years (it felt like a boring purchase? I needed some serious time to get into it apparently) I picked up this black Acne scarf, and I love it. There's a bunch of colour/pattern options from Acne and I feel I could be persuaded into another next year...Also, side note - why don't more brands do awesome wool/winter scarfs?! Hmm...Something really unimportant to think about guys.
These TopShop jeans have been worn to death since I bought them, a surprisingly solid buy. Anyway, I appreciate you can barely see what I'm wearing here...but yeah. It was too cold. Time. Snow. Toddler. ETC. I'm here and I'm posting. Wooooooo! Now I need pyjamas, tea and silence as half term is slowly killing my soul. Bye!


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