Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Denim Dress

Yesterday was a big day. After working on a secret project with my bud & business partner Rich for over a year, we finalllly launched it yesterday. Say hey to Covet - a new, in-house brand of my second child, Hallow. Let's start this by saying I have always; ALWAYS wanted to make clothes...having never been to design school, everything was a huge learning curve - but Rich and I decided we both really fucking wanted to try this - SO WE DID. After designing 4 key items, we sourced (often running around the streets of London with my toddler in tow - MUM LIFE) everything for the items. Everything was made in London in a small studio we found - which was expensive, but ethical as F. Anyway, here's The Denim Mini Dress - my fav lil' summer number with a nice edge. And has POCKETS.


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