Thursday, 16 November 2017

All Wrapped Up - Top 5 Coats

Following my top winter boots post, I thought I'd do another A/W themed post. This time, the focus is on: coats. Grabbing a coat or jacket is the thing that makes summer ending actually OK for me...Anyone else?!

If you follow me on Instagram, it really should come as no shock that this is my number 1 coat for this season. Similar to the dreamy Acne Velocite (another true fav) I love the combination of tan & black together. I consider this an investment piece, as although the price point is high; it isn't a 'trend' led item, and you'll be reaching for it for years to come.
£998, available from

Massive pockets - check, the perfect lapels - check, tortoise shell buttons - check, versatile & warm - check. Yup, this is a killer choice. With just over 50% wool content, this will be a great coat to grab over an already layered outfit. Would love it styled with black combat boots.
£125, available from

Sometimes, you wanna feel cuddly. And warm. And snug. Ok, so you pretty much want to be a teddy bear. This is what winter does to us TBH. This faux fur peacoat from Free People ticks all these boxes, and is available in 3 easy-to-style colours. 

When you've been wearing maybe a little too much black (hmm, is that possible?) or muted tones, it's nice to add a little colour in there. Introducing the Coach Military Patch Coat - a bit of colour and embroidery details go a long way, without the need for feeling like you're part of Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat. I especially love the black and yellow cuffs - and great for keeping the warmth in. 
£995, available from

Fully lined, with two side pockets and handy waist tie, this classic coat from And Other Stories will go with everything you own. Also available in solid black - which I possibly, maybe, just purchased...opps. (Tip: sign up to their newsletter for 10% off)
£165, available from


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