Wednesday, 11 April 2018

My Ultimate, Top 5 Flats

If you know me well, you know I live in flats. I can't be dealing with heels often - I walk everywhere, look after a child & want to get about quickly & without fuss. Don't get me wrong - I do love a heel, but for me, day-to-day; it's all about the flats...I present to you: my top 5 flats: enjoy.
I'm full of surprises - not. It prob goes without saying that I live in these. They just tick so many boxes for me: comfort, quality, versatility. I also just find them v. aesthetically pleasing. I honestly believe you get what you pay for when it comes to this style of loafer, too - often imitated, nothing can beat the real deal. Oh and the best part? You'll never want to part with them, and they can live timelessly in your wardrobe forever.
£540, available from Net-A-Porter
Never a boring choice, the Miu Miu ballerina gave me some serious heart eyes when I first peeked them on Instagram. They are a little more fussy than a standard flat, however on those 'I HAVE 5 MINUTES TO LEAVE THE HOUSE' kinda days, simply removing the ribbons and slipping them on, still gives for a super effective look.

Granted - these are most def a spring/summer choice, I love the chill look of an espadrille. Great with pretty much everything, and mega comfy to boot. Love the embroidered SL deets on these.
There was no way this list would be complete without the Princetown. My god, these are comfortable and so damn good to look at. I crave them in pretty much all of the styles, but black and gold embroidery is a major win in my eyes.  Available in so many colour-ways and patterns, the hardest part is choosing a pair. Once you do though, you'll wear them so much; I swear* 
*pls don't sue me if this doesn't happen to you.
Ok - so it's another loafer - but I can't stress how much I live in loafers, and although these ones aren't in my wardrobe - yet - they damn well should be. Another black and gold situation, offering a backless option to boot (like the Gucci  Brixton) I picture these with denim, a simple black tee, and plenty of gold jewellery. Win.

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