Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Make-Up Edit

Whilst I'm away basking under the rays in Barbados, only applying minimal make up (primarily in the evening) it got me thinking (and reaching) for a few specific products I swear by. These are my desert island picks: the ones I use day in, day out: heavily tried and tested. I thought we could have a chat about them here, and maybe, just maybe it's time for me to overhaul the blog a little and add more blog posts like this, and not just outfits - into it? 
Let's go.
  • ByTerry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder: well, it's a mouthful of a name, I give you that - but over the years, I have tried countless setting powders: most, tbh, doing what I felt was a pretty decent job. Until: I tried this one. Not only does this powder set make-up beautifully, it also smooths out skin, blurs minor skin imperfections (kinda hate that term, but you get me) and stops shine without leaving reside or looking chalky. I am 100% obsessed with this stuff, especially for the under-eye. The price may be a little steep, but it's worth the investment.
  • Marc Jacobs Highliner: you've probably heard me crack on about this one before; because - well, it's awesome and needs broadcasting. I have very sensitive eyes (hence my sunglasses obsession) but always love the look of eyeliner on the waterline. It's taken some time, and countless MAC spending as a teen, but finally I've find a liner that a) doesn't irratate, b) doesn't disappear 1.5 hours into the day leaving me looking a little Robert Smith, c) feels smooth - it glides beautifully, d) is the deepest shade of black I crave & need. If you are a fellow sensitive eye sufferer, try this guy out.
  • Hourglass Arch Fiber Brow-Gel: I dream of fluffy, full brows...the kind that could send caterpillars into envy. Whilst this is something I shall never be blessed with (damn genes) this incredible gel fully fluffs up my 10 brows hairs (LOL) to create a far fuller brow look. If you've tried the Anastasia gel and loved it (which I do, too) you'll be OBSESSED with this - it truly fulfils what it promises.
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer: my absolute, without a shadow of a doubt, No1 bronzer. As you can see, my case is rather worn - I must have purchased this not far off 3 years ago - and it is still going strong. Everything about this powder is perfect to me - the way it applies, the colour, the coverage, the pigmentation.  I am never without it. [FYI: the exact shade I wear is the Luminous Bronzer Light]
  • Urban Decay Bronzing Balm: I'm not a regular foundation wearer: I don't enjoy the feel of it on my skin much, and I don't like covering my freckles - I also tend to find it sinks into less desirable areas more than making them look better (hello, 30). So most days, I apply this stuff: it gives a beautiful bronzed glow, some SPF coverage, and it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything at all. I've re-purchased this 4 times...proof is in the re-purchase, I say.
  • Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner: let's go back to the sensitive eye issue: I love a winged cat-eye, and again: with eyes that like to turn into a waterfall thanks to a 5mph gust of wind, liquid liner can be an f'ing nightmare. I tried this liner out around 2 years ago on a whim, and damn - it's not irritated by eyes once. It applies so easily (see my quick video here) and stays put all day. Def one to try out if you've not yet mastered a winged inner look. 
  • Stila Huge Mascara: after trying out the aforementioned liner, I wanted to give some Stila mascara a whirl. I've found that countless many mascaras do one great job, whilst killing another (e.g. lengthening the look of your lashes, then clumping them up to all hell). This, however, does it all: lengthens, fans them out, turns them a deep shade of black: no clump-age anywhere.


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