Thursday, 7 June 2018

Beauty & Skincare 101: June

Let's talk summer beauty guys.

I wanted to put together some beauty posts, every couple of months, featuring a minimal group of products - game-changing beauty and skincare products - that I have personally become obsessed with. 

If you're into that, keep on reading...

Ok, so this one has received a hell of a lot of hype - and I can see why. This multipurpose product ticks a lot of boxes, and gets some extra mega kudos for beautiful packaging. I've been applying a thin layer every evening as the last step in my skincare routine; but I've also been loving it as an under-eye primer, and bit of pick-me up hydration, if I take my make-up off early in the day. It's (finally) available in the UK via the best, Cult Beauty - although you need to join the waitlist as it's already sold out...Get on it
Can I just say, I A-D-O-R-E Herbivore. I've been using a few of their products for the last couple of months (shout out to Moon Fruit & the Rose Hydrating Mist) and I've enjoyed them all. The Lapis Oil is the one I want to mention more in depth - I've become enamoured with the smell of this magical blue stuff, to the point where it feels comforting now. It feels incredibly hydrating on my face, and like it is really smoothing out my skin. It boosts a number of key benefits - the blue formulation is great for balancing out oily skin without drying it out, and it is rich in jasmine & jojoba oil. Perfect for combination, oily, and blemish-prone skin - and if you suffer with redness and a bit of inflammation, too; this oil is your saviour. 

I bought this whilst I was rushing around central London a couple of weeks ago - I usually carry a mini-perfume or spray w/ me when I know I'll be in town for hours on end, and of course, I'd forgotten one, so ran into the nearest store to grab something. I picked up this mist, and damn - I loveee it. The smell is like that of a tropical, getaway vacation. Super handy to carry around for a mid-afternoon spritz (esp. handy if you can't afford a casual trip to the Caribbean this summer)
I am all about sun protection, for obvious reasons that I won't crack on about (except to say - skin cancer - guys, let's not help it along). My facial creams that I apply bright and early in the morning have SPF, however I am so conscious that these will wear off continually throughout the day, leaving with me with prob zero protection from those rays on ma face. Entire the Coola Facial Spray - how genius to have a setting spray that contains SPF, for easy top-ups every couple of hours; without any need for removing make-up? I for one, am totally sold.



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