Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The Band Tee Post

If you've been following me for a long time, you'll know I am totally, and utterly; obsessed with band tees. The obsession started in my early teens, primarily after becoming Marilyn Manson obsessed, and buying my first band tee in 2001 - at their Docklands Arena show. I fell for the easy proclamation of love for the band you adore, the graphics, the colours...I mean, they're just badass. I still own a bunch from my teenage years (beautifully full of rips, holes, memories, old dreams...you know the drill) but as time as gone on, have built on this collection - 'cos there's nothing better than band tees w/ denim.
I have been known to be a little precious about tees being vintage (that worn-in look though) but I'm chill with buying from independents, the high street, gigs etc, too: at the end of the day, the bands have chosen to licence out their name/graphics - so here's to hoping everyone is getting fairly paid (here's looking at you, Metallica)
Over on IG, you lovely bunch requested a list of my fav places to shop for them: and here I am, happily obliging:
So many great scores over on Etsy - and quite often well priced for the treasure they are.
Great for picking up a bidding bargain - I scored one of my fav Smashing Pumpkins tees here for $2.
The ultimate modern-does-vintage tees: see Ozzy tee at the top.
Always stocking brands doing band tees, with killer graphics, on great fabrics: just added this one to my wardrobe.
Go to shows, go to shows...Buy the tees. Support bands you love, etc etc: v.important in a world driven by Spotify & downloads.
High Street 
Not my no.1 choice, but you can nab cheaper tees from places like Nasty Gal, TopShop, H&M - again, these are licensed; but it can feel kinda weird (...just me?) But, at the end of the day, the band's getting paid, and if you don't have £££ to spend on rare vintage, or don't like that look - go for it.
If ya don't have time to invest in the deep depths of Etsy & eBay searches (I feel ya - but I love it) head to TJ to peruse a magically curated selection. Cue add to cart, add to cart.
Official Band Sites
Most bands have their own stores on their site to buy their latest tees...easy peasy. 
On the higher end price-wise, these tees are buttery soft, with bold graphics and that washed out, black/grey vintage look - if you find vintage off-putting, these are a great option for that look.
I've never bought from these guys before, but they're always using awesome band shit: check out The Outnet for sale scores. 
Right guys - there you have it: keep wearing, listening and loving whatever bands ya do. 
I talk incessantly about bands, music loves and stories over on my podcast, As You Are - check it out here. Will love you 4 eva.
S xo

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