Hey. I'm Sammi. Welcome to my tiny space on the internet. 

I set-up here in early 2017: with a desire to create a space to show my undying love for putting together an outfit. I also felt [feel] passionate about showing that you can listen to Metallica, be tattooed, and wear Gucci.

For me, getting dressed every-day has always had a far deeper rooting than the superficial obsession it could be taken for.

I wanted to have a space that people could come to for outfit & style inspiration - simple outfit posts, w/ bite-sized information. I have never considered myself a style guru - I just put things together that I love. 
I hope my space here fills others with self-confidence, shows that you can [& should] always be yourself, and wear whatever the hell you please.

On that note, tysm for being here - and for, ultimately, turning this love into my job.

note: some of the links on my blog are affiliate links, I am a goth at heart, & I end every day with a sleep tea.